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  Sheeba Out N About Winners Bitch 2010 ACKCSC Nationals

Althof Cavaliers is committed to health, temperament and quality in our breeding program.

We are members with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA (CKCSC) and the American Cavalier King Charles Club (ACKCS) and exhibit our dogs actively in the show ring.

All of our girls are Registered with the AKC and the
CKCSC, USA and our puppies are dual registered.

Our Cavaliers live in our home and are part
of our everyday family life.

We breed for our own show prospects and
occasionally have puppies available to loving homes.

Our dogs are yearly heart and eye cleared
before breeding by board certified veterinarians.

For more information about available dogs
please visit our Puppy Page.


We hope you enjoy browsing through the web site and meeting our girls.

Email: sccch81@netins.net        Phone: (319) 530 7722.

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